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XP-A Vertical Pneumatic Piston Filling Machines

  • XP-B

  • Chunlai


XP Series semi-automaticpneumatic filling machine is newly produced by our factory based

on consultation of advanced filling devices according customers' requirements developed

out of amachine. More than 90% ofthe machine parts are made of high-quality stainless

steel, with good performance ofacid and alkali resistance and anti-corrosion. With beautiful

and decent design, precise

making ,smooth operation, reliable performance, it's easy and convenient for operation and

maintenance.It's can achieve quantifying-filling of sweet chili sauce, edible oil, minera

water frutuice. inection. shampoo. cleanser essence. and manv other kinds of liquid and

paste, and precise measurement with the volume and speed adjustable. The adoption of

momentary closure to the filling mouth helps to prevent from drawing and dripping etc. like

similarproductsandensure filling performance.Applicable to both stand-alone operation

and line production, the machine is a good choice for various industries, such as

pharmaceutical, food and chemical products industry etc.


It can realize quantitative filling ofsweet and spicy sauce, edible oil, mineral water, fruit

juice, injection, shampoo, detergent and many other liquids or pastes. The filling volume

and illing speed can beadiusted at will. the measurement is accurate. and the filling mouth

isinstant.The interception method eliminates the drawing or dripping of other similar

products.This machine can beoperated as a stand-alone machine or used in conjunction

with an assembly line. lt is an ideal mechanical equipment for many industries such as

medicine, food, and chemical products.

Filling Machine Description:

Filling range:10-100ml,30-300ml,50-500ml,100-1000ml,300-2500ml,1000-5000ml


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