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Rotary Type Cup Coffee Powder Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine Nespresso Capsule Packaging Machine

  • KIS-900

  • Chunlai

Chunlai's KIS-900 rotary type Coffee capsule filling sealing machine offers a great value

with filling speeds from 800-2000 cups/hour and filling capabilities from 5-15g(different

from this can be customized. Rotary machines are a great choice for customers that

have limited space or that don't require high production rates.This filling sealing

machine is a great option for pilot programs, small businesses, business starters and

market testing.

KlS-900 rotary type K-cup filling sealing machine can be customized for fill and seal

different kinds of single cup coffee pods like K-cupcapsule coffee ,Point ,Upshot

Depending on the output required,the kis-900 rotary cup filling and sealing machine is

designed for one cup or two cups per time.The filling unit is auger filler suitable for

various of powder products: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cocoa, milk powder etc.

Machine basic function include cup de-nesting,filling,heat sealing,automatic cup


Empty cup de-nesting system: it suitable for stackable cups. The machine come with

stack channel for manual loading or with automatic cups feeding system.

Stepper motor driving auger filling system: accurate filling and easy to clean.With

tamping coffee powder function.

Aluminum foil lids placing system: it make up by 180 rotate vacuum sucker and lids

magazine, it can place the lid on the mold fast and accurately.

Sealing system: the sealing temperature can be 0-300 degree adjustment. Independent

temperature controller for each sealing head

Automatic discharge system: it made up by cup lifting and pushing system, fast and


Automation control system: it controlled by Xinjie PLC

Pneumatic system: it controlled with AirTac cylinder

Variable speed adjustment via speed controller arrange with inverter

Operation panel: Traditional Switches and Buttons for simple operation

Machine Frame: Stainless Steel in accordance with sanitation standard

Bottom Molds:Anodized Aluminum Alloy



Production Capacity

800-1000 cups/hour

1600-2000 cups/hour

Filling Range

50-300ml or   customized


Single phase 220V, 3 phase 220V

3 phase 380V/400V/415V



1 Kw


Air consumption

0.6 mз/min

0.8 mз/min


Machine Frame: Stainless Steel 

Bottom Molds:Aluminum Alloy

PLC: Xinjie

Cylinder: AirTac 

Solenoid valve: Mindmand

Switch: IDEC

Operation panel: Touch Screen

Servo motor driving

Empty cup dispensing function: according to different cups, some can be designed with

vacuum sucker which can guide the cup enter into mold accuratelyor not stab e

capsules, there's other solution

Empty cup detecting function: no cup no filling or no cup machine stops

Insert Filter Basket

Filling liquid system (various flavor)

Filling: cup lifting function

Servo drive auger filler can be customized

Clean powder off from the top rim of cups is optional

Nitrogen flushing function: Nitrogen helps prolong product shelf life.

Roll Film Storage Device

Blank Film Fixer: to calculate the film length of cup for saving the film cost

Eye Mark Auto Correction: Collocating with a photocell sensor of film pattern mark

Color ribbon date printer for roll film

Safety protection: it is optional function, it make up by plexi glass plates,aluminium and

stainless stee, has safety switches which protect the operator.

Laminar flow-HEPA filter unit

Out-feed conveyor

Counting for sealed cups'quantity

nespresso capsule


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