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Inline Filling Sealing Machine(Intermittent Motion)

We provide high production capacity Inline Filling Sealing Machines for many industries including food, dairy(such as juices, yogurt, ice cream, cream cheese, milk, salsa, jello, apple sauce, cranberry sauce, meat sauce, grated cheese, and much more), cosmetics, etc.. These machines are designed to denest, fill, seal, lid, and eject your products. Our Inline Cup Filling Sealing Machines are fully automatic and can deliver up to 13-20 cups per minute per lane. Configurable in any number of lanes required to meet your production requirements.

Chunlai’s automatic inline cup filling sealing machine makes your product to stand out in the shelves by accepting any shape (round, oval, rectangular, square, conical, reverse conical) or material (plastic, aluminum, glass, terra cotta) for your cups, whether they’re stackable or not.