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Food Beverage Production Packing Line Drying Machine

  • C-400
  • Chunlai

CS Series drying equipment is suitable for heating water sterilization and steam sterilization production. It can remove the water directly from the packed bottles,sachets and cups. It is widely used in FOOD INDUSTRY, PHAMARCY INDUSTRY,BEVERAGE INDUSTRY and Milk INDUSTRY etc.

  • The whole machine is made of STAINLESS STEEL,frequency variable speed controlling system

  •  has the characteristics of working stable,high efficence and good outlooking.

  •  The high pressure and low temperature airflow can remove the water directly, water removing efficiency can reach 99% and can remove the dirt,dust and oil stain.

  • It does not use water heating or steam heating, energy saving

Model                        CS-400                CS-800                      
Voltage(V) 380 380
Conveyor Width(mm)  400 800
Pump(kw) 7.5 15
Conveyor motor(kw)  0.25 0.37
Conveyor Speed(m/min)     6--15 6--15
Machine weight(kg)   320  320
Machine size(mm) 2000*850*12502500*1250*1350
Capacity(T/h)  1.5 3

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