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Aluminum Can Hygienic Protection Packaging Aluminium Foil Lid Heat Sealing Machine

Chunlai's Technology of aluminum foil sealing protects cans, bottles, jars under a safe and hygienic way.

The aluminium lid is heat sealed to the can, without using glue, before its packaging. The lid and the can are made of the same material, ensuring a perfect seal and excellent protection.
The automatic sealing machine that applies a heat-sealed aluminium lid to the upper part of the can.
  • Chunlai

KIS-1800 Aluminum can dust-proof foil lid heat sealing machine is suitable for sealing production of various cans and other products, with functions such as automatic conveyor belt feeding, foil suction, pneumatic heat sealing and conveyor belt discharging. The whole machine adopts Japanese Mitsubishi programmable logic controller, Taiwan Airtac pneumatic control components, and intelligent digital display temperature control system. It has the characteristics of high sealing strength, good sealing, and low failure rate. It is the first choice product for enterprise automation production.


*.. Conveyor belt feeding cans

*.. Automatic position

*.. Automatic foil lid suction

*.. Automatic sealing

*. Conveyor belt discharges cans


These are some advantages that can lid labels can offer:

  • More protection, it protects the can closure against soiling, the ‘stackability’ of the can is not affected

  • It allows the use of the can top area for further brand identity and provides a medium for special promotions and competitions without any change to the can body design. Both sides of the foil may be printed, so enabling ‘lucky can’ promotions or token collections. Flexible support of advertising campaigns, promotions, special events, re-launches and more

  • A new marketing tool, an excellent eye-catching promotional tool, which will make your product immediately recognisable from above.