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Bottle Surface Water Drops Remove Drying Machine

Bottle outside drying machine is used to remove water drops from the external surface of bottles and jars, after the filling or pasteurizing operation.
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It can remove the water directly from the packed bottles, sachets and cups. It is widely used in FOOD INDUSTRY, PHAMARCY INDUSTRY, BEVERAGE INDUSTRY and Milk INDUSTRY etc.

1. Product Performance

The automatic water removing machine is for removing water of hot water sterilized product or steam sterilized product. It is for removing residual water on surface of sterilized product or after washing, then can pack directly. The machine can be widely used in food, beverages, condiments, dairy, pharmaceutical and other industries, especially for vacuum-packed foods, bagged meat, bagged bean made product, popsicle, liquid milk, jelly, pickles, mustard and other industries.

The automatic water removing machine is made of stainless steel,  with smooth operation, beautiful shape, small size, high efficiency of water removal. Removing water of product surface, only need high pressure, constant temperature air to complete, remoral rate is over 99%. It can also removal of oil, incrustant and other effects, which is the other similar devices are not available. The machine does not use steam heated to high temperatures, which greatly saves energy (over 50%), reducing the cost of water. Also avoid the product of a "second sterilization", to ensure the appearance of the product, the quality characteristics.

2. Principle of Operation

In the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, some of the finished product after package needs to be sterilized in hot water or steam. After sterilization a lot of water attached to the surface of the packed product, the water on the packed product should be removed before packaging. This automatic bottle outside drying machine is specially designed for removing surface water drops from bottles.

The package which should be removed of water(bags, boxes, bottles) can be placed on a continuous stainless steel conveyor enter into the water removing airway tunnel, machine generate high-pressure, thermostatic airflow spray from upper to lower from a

nozzle. So that can remove the water, oil and incrustant of packed product surface . The bottle outside drying machine can run continuously, can connect with production line to improve production speed.