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Double Use Automatic Threaded Cap Twisting Machines

  • Chunlai

Automatic double use screw lid capping machine is customized for 2 different types caps

like wide mouth bottle and normal small size mouth bottle. lt is mainly suitable for different

material specifications and different specifications of the cover, spin (rolling) cover. Suitable

for screw cover, anti theft cover, child proof cover, press in cover, etc.. Preparation of

constanttorque capping head, the pressure can be easily adjusted. Compact and

reasonable structure, can be easily linked with other equipment into line, dust-proofcover

can be purchased.


Applicable to all kinds of cosmetics,medicine, veterinary drugs, pesticides, lubricating oil

industry capping machine equipment.

Machine advantages:

1.Straight line design, composed of convenient and beautiful lines.

2.Host speed using imported inverter, stepless speed regulation.

3.The strong electromagnetic left-hand cover torque converter, completely solve the

traditional mechanical friction plate in the rotary cover spurts ills.

This machine can be designed according to the special requirements of customers.



Production speed

20-40 pcs/min

Air pressure0.4-0.6mpa
Applicable seal15-70mm
Bottle diameter50-280mm
Machine weight110kg
Machine size900*470*1240mm
Note:This machine can according to the customer special request quantity

bottles sample


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