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CL-8 Japanese Silken Egg Tofu Tube Filling Sealing Machinery

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Japanese Silken EggTube Formed Tofu (Egg tofu, Japan bean curd, Japanese tofu) is

the main type of savory flavored tofu. Tube formed egg tofu is made of premium

eggs, pure water vegetable protein, seasoning, salt, etc. Egg Tofu has a distinctive

egg aroma that makes great tasting tofu dishes. Egg tofu is like a creamy white

crystal, rich in nutrients, crisp in taste, sweet and fragrant, suitable for all seasons. lt

is usually fried, used in soup dishes, hot shabu, hot pot, teppanyaki, etc. lt is a

component in East Asianand Southeast Asian cuisines. It is a long-lasting food

The popular package shape ofegg tofu is PE premade tube shape bags. It is a novel

form of customized flexible packaging, diverse modeling, reliable measurement, seal

firm, and low-cost packaging materials, etc.

Their regular shape bagis a popular liguid packaging shape. It is also called pre

shaped bagstick bagsachet, stand-up pouch, spout pouch, bottle shape pouch

fruit shape pouch, is a novel form of customized flexible packaging, diverse

modeling reliable measurement, seal firm, easy to use, and low-cost packaging

materials, etc.

CL-8 filling and sealing machine is widely used in liguid products such as fruit flavor

drinks, energetic drinks, fruit juice;jelly grass jelly, ice pop, ice lolly, popsicle; milk

mixing flavor yogurt;egg tofu,honey, sport gel; fruit jam, jam, tomato sauce, salac

dressing;shampoo,laundry liquid, detergents; cooking oil. It suits to fill low and

large viscosity liquid.

SUS304 stainless steel and food grade material

MITSUBISH PLC system and English man-machine visualization operation interface

(WEINVIEW touch screen).

Unique anti-drip valve and filling nozzles design, no leaking filling and save cost.

Unique sanitary pneumatic piston pump design. It improves the filling volume

control accuracy of less than ±1%.

Adjustable filling volume.

Unique sealing part design, seal suitable location, firm, safety.

Each features a modular, easy maintenance.

Technical Processing:bags/bottles-putting by manual→ filling → heat sealing一bags/bottles out

Packing rate

2000-3500 bags/hr
Filling nozzlescustomize
Bag materialNylon,PE, BOPPlaminated LDPE, various shapes pre-shaped bags
Film thickness>0.18mm
Filling volume≤500ml (Customize)
Filling accuracy+2%
Power input380V 220V 50Hz/220V 60Hz/110V 60Hz
Power0.8-1.6 Kw
Air Pressure0.6-0.8 Mpa
Air Consumption0.5-0.75 m3/min
Net weight≈120 kg
Overall dimension1100x700x1050mm(LxWxH)

Machine Frame: Stainless Steel 

PLC: Mitsubishi 

Cylinder: Air Tac 

Solenoid valve: Mindmand

Switch: IDEC

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