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Bottle Outside Washing & Drying Machine

Bottle outside drying machine is used to remove water drops from the external surface of bottles and jars, after the filling or pasteurizing operation.
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The Bottle Outside Washing Machine is designed to wash the out surface of round shaped Bottles. This machine washes the out sides of bottles and eliminates the particles that are formed on the bottles, which are previously filled and sealed.

The Automatic Bottle Outside Drying Machine is used for eliminating moisture from the outer walls of bottle so that can be easier to stick adhesive label or packing, all operated fully automatically.

1. Product Performance

After filling and capping the bottles are fed into the bottle washing & drying machine conveyors. The machine consists of two conveyors on which the bottles are properly fed and transported from filling line for the washing operation. Two operations are carried out on this machine. First the Bottles are washed by water jet and then dried by air jet. On the sides of the conveyor a set of spray nozzles are fitted on each conveyor for water jet. One set of knifes blocks are provided on each conveyor for air jet, the air is sprayed through this knifes. The Knifes are fitted in an inclined manner which ensures that the air that is sprayed reaches each corner of the Bottle which are previously washed. After washing and drying the bottles are guided to the labeling machine or out feed Turn Table.