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Bottle Feeding Conveyor Table for Packing Production Line

  • Chunlai

The automatic bottle feeding conveyor table allows automatic feeding of a wide range

of products(bottles,vials,jars, buckets, cans, etc.). One pack of bottles is fully taken

down from the pallet package toload on the table, big storage of several packs in one

time, only one worker can operate it easily. Compared with turntable, it deeply reduce

the labor and increase the production efficiency. The conveyor table adapts to the

speed of your automatic filling packaging line and/or automatic labeling.

The automatic loading/unloading conveyor table has been designed to handle a wide

range ofproducts and formats: food processing jam jars, honey, canned vegetables /

prepared meals, cans, etc.) cosmetics (cream jars, soap bottles, etc.), chemistry (cans

/detergent bottles, cleaning product cans, etc.) paint and varnish (paint buckets,

varnish jars / cans, etc.).

This complementary solution adapts to all filling and labeling machines.


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