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BG60A-2C Line Type Church Communion Cup Filling Sealing Machine

  • BG60A-2C
  • Chunlai

Chunlai's BG60A-2C linear type communion cup filling sealing machine is customized for making Pre-filled Communion cups. Pre-filled communion cups is ideal for large congregations or a small church that wants a large supply. The communion cup wafer and juice set is the convenient way to celebrate Communion.


Machine basic function include cup loading, filling, heat sealing, automatic discharge

Empty cup loading: it can separate cups accurately to load inside the cup holder


Filling function: filling for red wine/grape juice


Aluminum foil lid sealing: seal the foil on the top of cup


Wafer placing manually or placed automatically by machine


Plastic film sealing: seal transparent plastic film on the foil lid


Discharge: discharge sealed cups out


Automation control system: it controlled by Mitsubishi PLC


Pneumatic system: it controlled with AirTac cylinder


Variable speed adjustment via speed controller arrange with inverter


Operation panel: Traditional Switches and Buttons for simple operation


Machine Frame: Stainless Steel in accordance with sanitation standard

Bottom Molds: Anodized Aluminum Alloy




Production Capacity

1600-2000 cups/hour

can be customized larger production capacity

Filling Range

5-15ml or   customized


Single phase 220V, 3 phase 220V

3 phase 380V/400V/415V



3 Kw

Air consumption

0.6 mз/min






Machine Frame: Stainless Steel 

Bottom Molds: Aluminum Alloy

PLC: Mitsubishi 

Cylinder: AirTac 

Solenoid valve: Mindmand

Switch: IDEC

Operation panel: Touch Screen  


Servo motor driving


Empty cup dispensing function: according to different cups, some can be designed with vacuum sucker which can guide the cup enter into mold accurately.


Empty cup detecting function: no cup no filling or no cup machine stops


Filling: cup lifting function


Filling tank: mixing, level control, double jacket, CIP washing ball


Roll Film Storage Device

Blank Film Fixer: to calculate the film length of cup for saving the film cost

Eye Mark Auto Correction: Collocating with a photocell sensor of film pattern mark

Color ribbon date printer for roll film



Out-feed conveyor


communion cups 2


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