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Automatic PE Film Sleeve Wrapping & Shrink Packing Machine

Heater Power:
  • ST-6030
  • Chunlai

ST-6030 series sleeve wrapping shrinking machine applicable to those products need counting and lining and auto shrinking such as easy-open tin can, glass bottle, beer, mineral water etc.  It includes automatic packing machine and shrink tunnel. Film Packing Machine is equipped with transducer, which can adjust various speeds for packing bottle water. It can save cost and assure the packing quality. The cutting system abides by international rules and with best sealing quality.

Work with PE shrink tunnel to pack goods.


The machine adopts advanced touch screen system, programmable logic controller(PLC).

Model      ST6030AFST6030ST-6040 tunnel
Voltage/Power220V 220V 1.8KW380V 24KW
Heater Power 2KW

Packing Size(L*W*H) L500*W300*H300MM L500*W300*H300 W600*H400*L unlimited
Height and lenth of conveyor

850±50mm /2000mm

Suitable film PE POF PVC   PE POF PVC   PE POF PVC 
conveyor width100mm300mm600mm
Gross weight 600KG 350KG 380KG
Machine Size (L*W*H)3840*1000*1950mm1029*830*1950mm3000*970*1400mm

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