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Glass Jar Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine

  • Chunlai

The linear vacuum capping machine combines the user's use of the situation, abandoned the traditional turntable vacuum capping machine disadvantages, developed a new equipment, the equipment automatically detects the set number of bottles, caps into the vacuum capping machine.

The machine automatically detects the set number of bottles and caps entering the vacuum capping machine.

The colour display of the capping machine will show the capping condition in real time.

The machine will automatically stop when there is no bottle or cap in the inlet, when the outlet is blocked, when the positioning is inaccurate and when the bottle is tipped over. The vacuum level achieved by the capping head can be displayed.

The vacuum level reached by the capping head can be shown, the qualified rate reaches

Performance characteristics:

1、The machine integrates automatic bottle feeding, automatic capping, automatic capping, automatic suction, automatic capping and automatic bottle discharge.

The machine has a fast production speed, high efficiency, stable and reliable operation.

2、The machine adopts fully sealed vacuum type structure, the principle of screwing and capping, the vacuum degree can be set as required.

3、The machine is mainly composed of bottle conveying mechanism, capping mechanism, bottle clamping and capping mechanism, vacuum pumping system, capping

The machine is composed of a high degree of automation, reasonable and compact design, easy to operate.

4、The machine frame, components and shell are mainly made of 304 stainless steel, with a beautiful appearance, easy to clean and meet the requirements of food hygiene.

meet the requirements of food hygiene.

5、The equipment is controlled by PLC combined with touch screen (human-machine interface), using the world's best electrical and pneumatic components.

Low failure rate, stable and reliable performance, long service life.

6、The height of the capping mechanism can be adjusted quickly, which can adapt to the capping of bottles of the same diameter and different heights.

The cap can be screwed on different bottle diameters and different calibres by replacing some parts, which is quick and convenient.

7、The cap feeding mechanism is equipped with photoelectric induction safety protection device, which can control the bottle management mechanism to achieve "no cap on, no cap off".

The self-protection function of "no cap on, no cap off" enhances the operating stability and reliability of the equipment.

8 This machine needs to be used with a vacuum pump to achieve automatic vacuum capping.


Production Capacity

16000-2000 bottles/hour

Bottle diameter

45-90mm or   customized

Bottle height60-200mm or customized


220V, 50Hz/60Hz


1.5 Kw

Capping Machine Dimension


Capping Machine Weight380KG

Loading Machine Dimension


Loading Machine Weight


Safety protection: it is optional function, it make up by plexi glass plates, aluminium and stainless steel, has safety switches which protect the operator.




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