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Automatic Capping Machine

KIS-1800 Automatic Rotary Type Filling Sealing Machine is designed to match non-destackable containers like wet wipe canister, cosmetic jar, beverage bottle, detergent bottle, shampoo/lotion bottle, tang jar, potato chips canister, etc. The rotary filling sealing machine is capable of using roll film or pre-cut foil seal material. It can connect with other related packing machines easily.
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Linear design makes it suitable for various threaded caps & bottles with good adaptability, widely used for twisting jar screw cap, plastic threaded caps, metal caps, in industries like food, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals, etc.  It integrates automatic bottle feeding, automatic cap sorting, automatic cap feeding, automatic capping, and automatic bottle out...

1.The clamping belts & capping height can be easily adjusted by handwheels, and different bottle changeover can be done well in several mins without tools, easy to operate & maintenance.
2. Capping loose & tight adjustable very easily via capping motor controlled by inverters, easy to handle & stable. 
3. With inverter to control machine conveying speed, easy to adjust & link to filling line. 
4. Mainly made of SUS304 including frame & body; continuous working & highly automation ensuring highly efficiency.


Production Capacity

20-80 bottles/minute

Bottle diameter

40-110mm or   customized

Bottle height80-350mm or customized


220V, 50Hz/60Hz


1.5 Kw

Capping Machine Dimension


Capping Machine Weight290KG

Loading Machine Dimension


Loading Machine Weight


Safety protection: it is optional function, it make up by plexi glass plates, aluminium and stainless steel, has safety switches which protect the operator.


wet wipe canisters seal cap

bottle seal cap
bottles sample

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