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Wet Wipe Canister Labeling Machine


The Wet Wipe Canister Labeling Machine specially customized for baby wet wipes canister labeling.

This automatic round bottle labeling machine fits for a wide range of products. One machine can basically achieve all the required of product labeling, especially for low-volume, variety and changeable specifications labeling which can largely improve the labeling production efficiency and reduce equipment investment costs; it widely used in cosmetics, food, toys, daily chemical,electronics, pharmaceutical, plastics, printing and other industries.Can select code printer or inkjet coder to labeling head to realize print product's date, system number, bar code and other information. It is also suitable for assembly line.

Input PowerAC 220V/50HZ
Output PowerDC 24V 
The application of bottle (mm)Outer diameter 20-100mm Height 30-200mm
The application of label (mm)Height 15-100mm Length 20~300mm
Production speed(bottle/min)20-60 bottles/minute(Depends on bottle size)
Net weight(kg)230

wet wipe canister press cap

wet wipe canister

wet wipe bucket 2

wet wipe bucket


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