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Unscrambling Accumulation Collection Rotary Feeding Table

  • Chunlai

Rotary tables are the most cost-effective way to automate the feeding and accumulation of bottles, can be used to collect or distribute bottles at the beginning, middle, or end of a bottle packaging line.  


At the beginning of a bottle packaging line allows operators to quickly place the table with large quantities of empty bottles rather than feed bottles onto a conveyor one by one manually. The rotary table then automatically discharges the bottles onto the conveyor in a single file line.

In the middle of a packaging line allow you to deal with production bottlenecks and service issues. It is helpful to maintain production lines running, a typical example would be adding one of the tables in front of a labeler so when you need to replace the label roll you can keep running your bottle filler and capping machine. Since the labeling machine is stopped the bottles will accumulate and once it starts backup if the machine can run faster than the filler and capper it will label the bottles from the table as well as the ones from the production lines.

At the end of a bottle packaging line serve a critical purpose. They provide an outlet for the finished product to collect in preparation for packing and prevent the bottles from backing up and slowing down your entire bottle packaging line. In-feed tables, also called pack-off tables, are a popular option for end of the line accumulation tables because they enable operators to quickly and easily remove finished product from the rotary table. Having accumulation tables at the end of the bottling line is required unless you have a case packer or other means to automatically handle the containers finishing the production process. Normally all production lines have this tables and the few that don’t quickly realize that they need it since any distraction, bathroom break or physical exhaustion will cause the whole bottling line to stop instead of simply accumulating bottles

Diameters available : 80cm, 100cm, 120cm


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