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Tray Vacuum Nitrogen Injection Packing Sealing Machine

KIS-4 Desktop Pneumatic Food Tray Sealing Machine is a tabletop model with die cut features. Very compact, itis a drawer style food tray sealer that seals and cuts the film around the food tray with a pneumatic piston. As you push in the drawer holding your food filled trays, the sealing film is automatically drawn over the trays and the machine does the rest of the sealing for you.
The temperature are regulated to allow for the sealing of different types of film and
can seal trays made of PP, PE, CPET, APET and Aluminum.
  • KIS-4

  • Chunlai

KIS-4 Tray Vacuum Nitrogen Injection Packing Sealing Machine is vertical type vacuum and gas-flush pneumatic tray sealing system, vacuums the tray completely before it insertsgas.The machine is built in stainless steel for use in hygienic environments. The system is tooled up to your specific tray size and neatly trims the film around the perimeter of the tray, the wasted film is then

taken up onto the motorized film feeding system. This machine requires a compressed air connection.

Main Function:

The food trays are manually placed in the tray carrier drawer. As a safety precaution, the operation is initiated by the two handed release system.

The traycarrier moves automatically into the machine and the machine head comes down and seals around the tray carrier.

The large capacity vacuum pump efficiently evacuates the chamber and the gas flush is carried out.

The sealing head then moves down, completing the perimeter seal around the tray as well as a neat perimeter cut.

The tray carrier drawer then automatically moves back out to the operator and the trays may be removed.

While removaland reloading ofthe trays takes place, the film is automatically fed to the new position.The new position is determined by either time, blank film counting (to calculate the film length oftray for saving the film cost) or by photocell sensor mark (for printed film).



Production Capacity

300-400 times/hour

Filling Range

can be customized


220V 50Hz


2 Kw

Air consumption

0.4 mз/min

Machine Frame: Stainless Steel 

Bottom Molds:Aluminum Alloy

PLC: Mitsubishi 

Cylinder: AirTac 

Solenoid valve: Mindmand

Switch: IDEC

Seal only

Free flow gas flush MAP(Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

Nitrogen gas flush

Vacuum Gas

Skin-Skin packaging

tray seal


bowl vacuum

vacuum seal

bowl seal

round bowl seal 

vacuum skin

vacuum skin

tray gas sealing

vacuum gas

tray seal sample

tray seal


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