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KIS-4 Poultry Tray VSP Food Sealing Machine

KIS-4 Poultry Food Tray Sealing Machine is a tabletop model with die cut features. Very compact, itis a drawer style food tray sealer that seals and cuts the film around the food tray with a pneumatic piston. As you push in the drawer holding your food filled trays, the sealing film is automatically drawn over the trays and the machine does the rest of the sealing for you.
The temperature are regulated to allow for the sealing of different types of film and
can seal trays made of PP, PE, CPET, APET and Aluminum.
  • KIS-4

  • Chunlai

KIS-4 Poultry Tray VSP Packing Machine VSP is ideal of packaging meat, poultry, smoked foods, fish, shrimp, shellfish and readymeals(frozen orrefrigerated). By using the skin packaging system, your

food products will remain fresh longer.

Skin packaging applies vacuum technologies to thermo-sealing consists in the upper film enclosing both the product and its tray, fitting around it like a second skin.Vacuum packaging further extends product shelf-life. The easy peel packaging materials resultin increased ease of opening for the end user.

Skin packaging is ideal for attractive product presentation, complete sealing minimized product damage, high safety standards and enhanced hygiene and preservation.

By extending their shelf-life, skin packaging results in the increased commercial life offoodstuffs. Visibility is also improved, allowing products to be displayed vertically,thus reducing food waste and returns by enhancing shelf

replenishment and stockrotation processes. When packaged in skin conditions meatand meat products continue their maturation process for enhanced tenderness, adequate texture and optimum taste.

Once opened, the productis immediately exposed to oxygen and will only take a few minutes to regain its natural bright colour, without altering taste and freshness.

Standard skin packaging

the height ofthe product does not exceed the depth ofthe tray in which it is packaged.

To deliver optimum skin performance tray height must be about 25-30 mm.

Protrusion skin packaging

the height ofthe product exceeds the depth ofthe tray in which it is packaged.

To deliver optimum skin performance tray height must not exceed 20 mm.

The product can protrude above the tray cavity by a standard 30 mm or 50 mm

optional on some machines).

Protrusion on flat support

acutting-edgeevolution ofprotrusion skin packaging using a flat product support

instead ofa traditional package. The product can protrude above the support by a

standard30mm or50 mm(optional on some machines). Available on almost all

the machines ofour extensive range, this packaging method allows for the use of

flat packaging surfaces including cardboard, thus reducing the need for plastic.

This method further offers multiple printing options, thus providing a wide array

of custom-designed product packaging solutions.



Production Capacity

300-400 times/hour


220V 50Hz


2 Kw

Air consumption

0.4 mз/min

Machine Frame: Stainless Steel 

Bottom Molds:Aluminum

PLC: Mitsubishi 

Cylinder: AirTac 

Solenoid valve: Mindmand

Switch: IDEC

Seal only

Free flow gas flush MAP(Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

Nitrogen gas flush

Vacuum Gas

Skin-Skin packaging

tray vacuum sealing


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