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Automatic Wet Wipes Canister Packing Line

KIS-1800 Automatic Rotary Type Filling Sealing Machine is designed to match non- destackable containers like wet wipe canister, cosmetic jar, beverage bottle, detergent bottle,shampoo/lotion bottle, tang jar, potato chips canister, etc. The rotary filling sealing machine is capable of using roll film or pre-cut foil seal material. lt can connect with other related packing machines easily.
  • KIS-1800

  • Chunlai

Automatic Wet Wipes Canister Packing Line include canister filling sealing machine,

capping machine and labeling machine.

KIS-1800 Automatic Rotary Type Industrial Wet Wipes Canister Sealing Machine is

suitable for the production ofcanister packed baby wet wipes, industrial cleaning wet

wipes,medical disinfecting wipes, cosmetic wet wipes, hand cleaner towels, kitchen

wet tissue, shoes wipes and other products. The machine adopts PLC, pneumatic

control elements, and intelligent digital display temperature control system. It has the

characteristics ofhigh sealing strength, good air tightness, and low failure rate. It is the

first choice for enterprise automated assembly line production. It can connect with

other related packing machines easily.

Canister Wet Wipes Packing Line Workflow:

1.nonwoven spunlace slitting and rewinding machine: perforating, counting slitting &

rewinding for wet wipes

2.canister unscrambling table: put wet wipes rolls manually inside the canister, then

put canisters on the rotary table

3.rotarytype canister sealing machine: automatically canisters feed in, filling

disinfectant liquid with or without alcohol 70-75% IPA(can be customized without

filling)heat sealing&cutting aluminum film, waste film rewinding, canisters feed out

4.capping machine: manually put caps then machine press cap tight

Or automatically load caps then machine capping right by press or screw

5.labeling machine:self adhesive stick label with or without date printing

6. shrink film optional

7. carton packing: automatic or semi automatic

KIS-1800 Automatic Rotary Type Wet Wipes Canister Filling Sealing Machine

Technical Data:

Operation Panel:

A-Type:Traditional Switches and Buttons for simple operation

B-Type: Touch Screen

Variablespeed adjustment via speed controller arrange with inverter

Additional emergency stop switch for safety protection

No bottle no filling

Filling tank: level control

Blank Film Fixer:to calculate the film length of cup for saving the film cost


Production Capacity

1600-1800 cans/hour

3000-3600 cans/hour

Filling Range

100-1000mm or   customized


Single phase 220V,3 phase 220V

3 phase 380V/400V/415V



1.5 Kw

3 Kw

Air consumption

0.8 m/min

0.8 m/min

Machine Frame: Stainless Steel

Product contacat part :304 stainless steel

Bottom Molds:Aluminum Alloy

PLC: Mitsubishi

Cylinder: AirTac

Solenoid valve: Mindmand

Switch: IDEC

Operation panel: Touch Screen

Safety protection:it is optional function, it make up by plexi glass plates, aluminium

and stainless steel, has safety switches which protect the operator.

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