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Precautions for the use of filling sealing machine

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Most of the time, the beverages and other items that are packaged in stand-up pouches that we come into contact with in our lives are sealed and packaged using a filling sealing machine, which not only maintains the characteristics of the product itself, but also effectively improves the shelf life of the product. This article I will introduce the relevant knowledge of the filling sealing machine, I hope it helps.

Precautions for the use of the filling sealing machine.

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Precautions for the use of the filling sealing machine.

1. Before the filling sealing machine is powered on, the induction aviation plug must be inserted and the screws must be tightened.

2. The filling sealing machine uses a single-phase three-wire power cord, and the floor of the workplace must be dry to maintain insulation.

3. The filling sealing machine is equipped with an automatic protection function for overheating. If the temperature inside the machine is overheated, the buzzer inside the machine will beep for a long time, and the yellow indicator light will be on. The main power switch should be turned off, and the cooling buzzer will stop in standby, and then continue to work. .

4. During the working process of the filling sealing machine, you should always touch the surface of the induction head to check whether it is overheated. If you find that your hand is hot, stop heating and wait for it to cool down (the power supply can be turned off), and the "WARMUP" green indicator light When it is off, do not press the start button to avoid false triggering.

5. The filling sealing machine is equipped with a 5A fuse, which cannot be replaced by a fuse greater than 5A.

6. There is high voltage in the filling sealing machine, and the bottom plate is charged.

7. Before using the filling sealing machine, if there is any exposed wires, stop using the machine and wait for repairs before using it.

In addition, the filling sealing machine must be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Method of cleaning the toothed knife: first plug the two drain holes of the lower mold with a cotton ball, pour boiling water into the groove of the lower mold, fill it up, and then push it in

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