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Precautions for filling machine

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Filling machine is a kind of packaging machine. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of the filling machine, I hope it will be helpful.

Precautions for filling machines.

Filling machine products owned by the company.

Precautions for filling machines.

1. Adjust the opening of the ball valve above the filling head according to the specifications of the filling machine. When the filling specifications are large, the valve should be opened, and when the filling specifications are small, the valve should be opened small. When the material is foamed, it should be opened small.

2. The unit and number of the time relay should be selected according to the packaging specifications. The digital dialing code should be determined by the filling specifications. Generally, the unit of measurement should be selected as the second (SEC). The time relay is accurate to 1% of a second. 3. Turn on the power

, Start the air compressor, adjust the compressed air pressure to 0.6Mpa (6kg/cm2), generally the new machine has been set before leaving the factory.

4. Open the feed valve and let the material enter the trough on the top of the filling machine. Only when the material reaches the specified liquid level during each filling can the filling be accurate.

5. Adjust the digital dial code of the time relay to an appropriate number position, depending on the filling specifications, small numbers should be selected for small specifications, such as 1 to 9, large numbers should be selected for large specifications, such as 10 to 90, etc. Put the measuring cup or bottle under the filling head, step on the foot switch to let the material flow out, wait until the filling valve is automatically closed, pour the material out or change the bottle, perform the second filling, and measure the filling volume , Calculated according to the following formula:

Filling specification or filling volume (calculated value) X time = required time or current time or actual filling volume Packaging specification = required time Adjust the time relay to the required time value, refill and measure, there is an error A small amount of adjustments can be made at the time until it meets the specifications.

Filling machine products owned by the company.

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