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Maintenance of filling machine

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The filling machine is mainly a small product in the packaging machine. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of the filling machine, I hope it will be helpful.

  • Maintenance of the filling machine.

  • Filling machine products owned by the company.

Maintenance of the filling machine.

1. The filling machine is an automatic machine, so the sizes of easy-pull bottles, bottle pads and bottle caps are uniform.

2. Before starting the filling machine, you must use the shake handle to turn the machine to see if there is any abnormality in the rotation.

3. When adjusting the filling machine, the tools should be used appropriately. It is strictly forbidden to use excessive tools or excessive force to remove the parts to avoid damage to the machine parts or affect the performance.

4. When the filling machine is adjusted, be sure to tighten the loose screws, and use the shake handle to turn the machine to check whether the action meets the requirements before driving.

5. The filling machine must be kept clean. It is strictly forbidden to have oil stains, liquid chemicals or glass fragments on the machine to avoid damage to the machine, so it must:

⑴During the production process of the filling machine, the liquid medicine or glass fragments should be removed in time.

⑵ Clean the surface of the filling machine once before the shift, and add clean lubricating oil to each activity department.

⑶ The filling machine should be scrubbed once a week, especially the places that are not easy to clean in normal use or blown with compressed air.

Filling machine disinfection and flushing

1. Loosen the upper and lower fastening screws of the filling machine, remove the liquid injection system for overall disinfection, or disassemble for disinfection and cleaning separately.

2. Put the liquid inlet pipe of the filling machine in the cleaning liquid and start the cleaning.

3. The 500ml filling machine may have errors in the actual filling, so the measuring cylinder should be accurate before the formal filling.

4. The needle tube of the filling machine, the needle tube of the 10 type filling machine uses a standard 5ml or 10ml syringe, the needle tube of the 20 type filling machine uses a 20ml glass filler, and the needle tube of the 100 type filling machine uses a 100ml glass filler.

Filling machine products owned by the company.

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