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Introduction of Cup Sealing Machine

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The cup sealing machine is a kind of equipment that can seal the mouth of the container. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of the cup sealing machine, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  • Introduction of cup sealing machine.

  • The company has cup sealing machine products.

Introduction of cup sealing machine.

The cup sealing machine can seal the mouth of the container and is suitable for the production of various yogurt, milk, soy milk, juice drinks, condiments, jams and other products. It has automatic cup dropping, filling, sterilization, photoelectric tracking, sealing, and automatic core cutter Cutting, waste film recycling and other functions. The cup sealing machine is automatic, with good sealing strength, reasonable structure and high production efficiency. It is suitable for the sealing materials of imported and domestic aluminum-plastic, PP, PE, CPP and other composite roll packaging. The cup sealing machine is made of all stainless steel, and the rest is made of aluminum alloy. It has high mechanical appearance, stable operation, and truly meets the requirements of durability.

Cup sealing machines are mainly divided into several categories. Starting from performance, they are mainly divided into automatic cup sealing machines, automatic cup sealing machines, semi-automatic cup sealing machines, manual cup sealing machines, digital manual cup sealing machines, and bowl sealing machines. One of the cup machines.

Folding automatic cup sealing machine

Automatic cup sealing machine. The automatic cup sealing machine has fewer manual operations. You only need to put the cup into the cup frame, and the machine will run automatically. The entire procedure does not need to be manually operated, which is convenient and quick.

Folding automatic cup sealing machine

Automatic cup sealing machine. The automatic cup sealing machine has one more program than the automatic cup sealing machine, which is to push the cup holder into the cup sealing machine, so there is one more program.

Folding semi-automatic cup sealing machine

The semi-automatic cup sealing machine mainly needs to push the cup holder and manually seal the film. The steps are more cumbersome.

Folding manual cup sealing machine

The manual cup sealing machine means that all steps must be completed manually by yourself.

Cup sealing machine products owned by the company.

Wenzhou Chunlai Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on manufacturing intelligent, elegantly designed and high-quality packaging machinery. From small manual operations to high-speed automatic machines, we provide the most advanced technologies on the market, including manual tray tray sealing machines, automatic tray and cup tray sealing machines, rotating cup tray sealing machines, linear continuous motion tray sealing machines, and improved conventional Press packaging (MAP), bottle filling and capping machine, cup sealing machine, etc. Cup sealing machine includes: automatic sealing machine for 4 cups, manual honey spoon sealing machine, manual sealing machine, etc.

If you are satisfied with our company's cup sealing machine, you can directly order or consult related questions about the cup sealing machine. We will provide you with the best cup sealing machine products and services. Looking forward to your visit, I wish us success in our work.