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How to operate the filling machine

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Filling machine is a kind of packaging machine. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of the filling machine, I hope it will be helpful.

How to operate the filling machine.

Filling machine products owned by the company.

How to operate the filling machine.

1. Check the filling machine before use: make sure that the power plug of the filling machine is connected to the 220V/380V power supply and the grounding wire of the filling machine chassis before starting. Ensure that the air pressure of the filling machine is 0.06~0.08Mpa. Lubricating oil is required for each motor and bearing. It is strictly forbidden to run without oil. The machine can be started after normal. At the same time, observe whether all liquid storage tanks have material chain plates, whether they are stuck, and conveyor belts. Whether there are sundries on the surface, whether there are bottle caps in the storage cap track, whether the water source, power source, and air source are connected, and whether the fasteners of each part are loose or not, it can be used normally after the operation of each part is stable.

2. Check whether the safety facilities of the filling machine function normally. Ensure that the valve of the reaction tank of the filling machine and the pipe of the filter device are tightly connected, the filter cloth of the filter device is not damaged, the cover is closed and the bolts are tightened to ensure that there is no leakage. Check the relevant connection lines of the filling machine to ensure that there is no fault.

3. Before starting the filling machine, carefully check whether there is water in all water tanks, whether the chain plates are stuck, whether there are sundries on the conveyor belt, whether there are bottle caps in the lid storage box, whether the water source, power source, and air source are connected. After the conditions are ready, turn on the main power again, the power indicator is on, the fault indicator and the emergency stop indicator are off, then the starting conditions are met, press the start button on the control box and the start switch at the filling point, and the buzzer After three warnings, the whole machine will start running and enter the fully automatic working mode of washing, flushing, and filling. When the filling machine is stopped, press the stop button at the filling place and the control box. After stopping, turn off the main power supply.

Filling machine products owned by the company.

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