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Features of filling machine

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Filling machine is a kind of packaging machine. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of the filling machine, I hope it will be helpful.

Features of filling machine.

Filling machine products owned by the company.

Features of filling machine.

1. The filling machine adopts a high-precision flow meter with a German high-precision pulse transmitter, and real-time temperature collection is performed to compensate for the density change of the oil due to the temperature difference, thereby effectively ensuring the accuracy of filling measurement.

2. The two measuring methods of volume and mass can be freely switched to overcome the loss caused by filling in volume when the temperature becomes lower and the density becomes larger.

3. The unique filling head design and vacuum suction system of the filling machine ensure that the site and packaged products are not contaminated by residual liquid. The double-speed filling volume can be set at will, and the filling speed can be adjusted. Bottle overflow phenomenon during rapid filling with pump pressure.

4. The filling machine adopts power filling and does not need to be equipped with high-position tanks, which simplifies the installation process, reduces the production cost, and improves the filling efficiency.

5. The main components of electricity and gas are matched with high-quality components to ensure the reliability, accuracy, stability and durability of the system operation

6. The filling machine has high filling accuracy, stable performance, simple and quick operation and adjustment, and excellent quality.

7. The filling machine is used in the filling, sub-packaging and measurement of various greases, oils, oils, and liquid materials such as lubricating oil, edible oil, barreled wine, chemical products, spices and so on.

8. The filling machine is mainly composed of magnetic cylinders, oil cylinders and electrical control components. It has the advantages of simple overall structure, small footprint and easy operation.

9. The filling machine adopts a quantitative cup structure. The cylinder drives the piston of the oil cylinder to move repeatedly to fill the bottle with the oil quantitatively. The quantitative accuracy is high and the filling speed is fast.

Filling machine products owned by the company.

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