KIS-4 Vertical Type Pneumatic Cup Sealing Machine

  • Type£ºPneumatic Tray Sealer/MAP Modified Atmosphere Packing Machine
  • Name£ºKIS-4 Vertical Type Pneumatic Cup Sealing Machine
  • Product Description

    KIS-4 Vertical Type Pneumatic Cup Sealing Machine


    1. change mould and sealing device quickly.

    2. Japanese Omron programmable logic  PLC controller,Intelligent Digital Display Temperature Control System,Omron Time Relay,TAIWAN AIRTAC cylinder,equipment Stable and durable.

    3. Small footprint, automatic detection cups (boxes),when the machine in danger operation, will automatically reset. shade-guide for the design, gas filling, sealing, cutting film, recycling.

    4. The machine made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, comply with food hygiene requirements.


    • Photocell, date printing, vacuum and gas flushing system optional
    • Can be made for sealing cup, tray, barrel and other containers


    Technical parameter

    Production Capacity 1800 cups/hour
    Voltage AC 220V/ 50Hz
    Power 2 Kw
    Temperature 0-300¡æ
    Weight 100 Kg
    Dimension 900X1000X1500mm


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