Bottle Washing Filling Capping Machine

  • Type£ºWater Treatment/ Beverage Production Line
  • Name£ºBottle Washing Filling Capping Machine
  • Product Description
    8-8-3 Washing/Filling/Cap Monobloc 3-in-1 unit machine
    It is applicable for round and abnormity PET mineral water pure water and juice, etc, and normal temperature filling.
    Range of bottle capacity: 200--1500ml
    Range of bottle diameter: φ50—φ92mm
    Range of bottle height: 140--330mm
    Inner diameter of the bottleneck: φ20--φ30mm
    Equipment composition and introduction of structure
    Composition ——(washing)      ——(filling)     ——(capping)      ——(Air driving)
    Body machine ——(electric)       ——(electric box) ——(working platform)   ——(main transmission)  ——(Chain box and entering and exiting arc board)    ——(frame)
    Technique characteristics:
    Valve quantities of filling: 8 heads
    Heads of capping: 3 heads
    Heads of washing: 8 heads
    Capacity: 500ml   3000b/h, 1000ml  1500b/h, 1250ml 1200b/h, 2000ML 800b/h
    Can suits for your different bottle size, no need change mould if the bottle neck is same.
    Input Power:
    Main power: 2.2KW , Washing pump:0.37kw
    Filling pump:0.55kw, Cap unscrambler:0.25kw
    Air blower: 0.75kw,   Conveyor motor: 0.55kw
    Working Voltage AC: 380V 50HZ, 3 phase
    Water Consumption: (aseptic water) ≈ 1m3/h
    Water Pressure:0.2-0.4 Mpa
    Dimensions: LxWxH 2000x1500x2200mm
    Weight of equipments 1800Kg
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