BG32A-4C Juice Cup Filling and Sealing Machine

  • Type£ºLinear Cup/Tray/Bowl Filling Sealing machine
  • Name£ºBG32A-4C Juice Cup Filling and Sealing Machine
  • Product Description

     BG32 series are applicable to fill and seal cups, bowls, boxes, trays, cans, pots and so on, used to fill with liquid, cream or solid material, such as yoghurt, milk, jelly, juice, ketchup, fruit salad, pulp, mineral water and so on.

    1. It adopts stainless steel as outside frame and U-shaped carbon steel or stainless steel as inside frame.
    2. The food contact parts adopt 304 or 316 stainless steel material with food hygiene requirements.
    3. It adopts pneumatic drive and PLC control. It can automatically drop cup, fill, pull roll film, cut roll film and wasted film recycling or place pre-cut aluminium foil, heat sealing.
    Optional configuration
    1. conveyer
    2. automatic cup exit
    3. CIP tank
    4. mix tank
    5. double jacket tank
    6. photocell
    7. date printing
    8. Plexiglass
    Technical data
    Production capacity
    1600-2000 cups/h
    3000-4000 cups/h
    5000-6000 cups/h
    7000-8000 cups/h
    9000-10000 cups/h
    Filling range
    Filling accuracy
    Cup, tray, bottle, box, can, container, tub, bucket, pot, etc.
    3N-50HZ 380V



    Technology training
    We can arrange professional technician to install and adjust the machine if customers require, as well as train the operator to operate, adjust and maintain the machine.
    After-sale service
    We have professional technical service for you.


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