BG-4 Automatic Bowl Sealing Machine

  • Type£ºLinear Cup/Tray/Bowl Filling Sealing machine
  • Name£ºBG-4 Automatic Bowl Sealing Machine
  • Product Description

    BG-4 bowl sealing machine suitable for the production of instant noodles and other products, plastic (paper) cup falling cup, can be done automatically and manually discharge automatically superstructure, heat sealing, automatic cup. The machine adopts Japan's Omron programmable logic controllers, pneumatic control components, intelligent digital temperature control system, with high seal strength, good sealing and low failure rate, is the product of choice for enterprise automation production.

    Technical parameters:
    Production capacity: 4000 bowls/hour
    Power: 4 Kw
    Air Consumption: 0.8m3/min
    Power supply: ~ 380V 50Hz
    Dimensions: 6000mmX900mmX1650mm
    Weight: about 800kg


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