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BG60A-8C Juice Cup Filling and Sealing Machine

BG60A-8C Juice Cup Filling and Sealing Machine

BG60A Series suitable for all kinds of yogurt, jelly beverage products automatic cup dropping, filling, dating, UV extinction strain, photocell,twice sealing,Recycling.The machine use Japan Omron programmable logic controller, Taiwan pneumatic control components, Intelligent Digital Display Temperature Control System Seaing with high strength, good sealing, and low failure rate.

• Auto. Cup/ Tray Falling Mechanism or Cup/ Tray Denester (Option)
• Auto. Filling Mechanism with Adjusting Tank 15 Liter (Option)
a. Electronic valve for liquid, ex. water, juice.
b. Piston design for sticky or adhesive liquid, ex. yoghurt, jelly
c. Auger/ Spiral Filling for powder, ex. coffee powder
d. Measuring Cup for powder, ex. coffee powder
• Auto. Sealing Mechanism (Standard)
• Applying Mechanism of Sealing Material (Alternative, depending on your request. )
PP or PE Roll-Film or Pre-formed lids, ex. Aluminum Foil
a1. Auto. Film Cutting Mechanism for PP or PE Roll-Film
a2. Waste-Film Collector for PP or PE Roll-Film
b. Auto. Suction Mechanism for Pre-formed lids, ex. Aluminum Foil
• Auto. Discharge/ Outfeed mechanism (Option)
• Date Printer (Option)
a. Date Stamp (Carbon tape with one set of letters) , stamp the date on the film only.
b. Ink Jet Printer, which can print the date on the top, bottom or side of container as you like.
• Discharge/ Outfeed Conveyer (Optional)  Main specification

power3.5 kw5 kw6 kw7.5 kw
Filling range50~300ml50~300ml50~300ml50~300ml
voltage220V 50Hz220V 50Hz220V 50Hz220V 50Hz
air consumption0.8 m3/min1 m3/min1.2 m3/min1.6 m3/min
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