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BG60A Series Automatic Cup Fill Seal Machine

BG60A Series Automatic Cup Fill Seal Machine

BG60A-6C absorb paper film type yogurt filling-sealing machine for all kinds of yogurt, jelly beverage products,automatic cup dropping, filling, absorb paper film, UV extinction strain, two side sealing.The machine use japan omron programmable logic controller, CIP auto matic Cleaning Barrel, Taiwan pneumatic control components, Intelligent Digital Display Temperature Control System, Seaing with high strength, good sealing, and low failure rate.

Technical data:

Production capacity9000-1000014000-1600018000-2000036000-40000
Power5 kw7 kw10 kw18 kw
Filling range20~50ml20~50ml20~50ml20~50ml
Voltage~380V 50/60Hz~380V 50/60Hz~380V 50/60Hz~380V 50/60Hz
Air consumption0.8 m3/min0.9 m3/min1 m3/min1.4 m3/min
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