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BG-2 Automatic Lunchbox Sealing Machine

BG-2 Automatic Lunchbox Sealing Machine

The BG-2 completely automatic continuous type tray sealing machine is suitable for sealing tray of biscuits, bean curd and so on. can be automatic the box the automatic transportation, the ultraviolet ray to disappear functions and so on fungus, two heat-seal, automatic cutting. The complete machine uses the Japan Omron programmable logic controller, Taiwan pneumatic control part, the intelligent number obviously temperature control system, has the seal artistic health, the failure rate is low, the membrane does not have characteristics and so on loss, is the dining business automation production first choice product.

Technical Paramter

production capacity1800 trays/hour
power4 kw
air consumption0.6 m3/min
voltage220V 50Hz
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