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SGF-4C Cup Canned Fruit Filling Sealing Machine

SGF-4C Cup Canned Fruit Filling Sealing Machine

Lately we successful develop series of plastic cup canned fruit sealing machine. It is a completely new type of development in accordance with the quality standards of the European Food packaging equipment. The packing material is used in high barrier composite: Cup with a seven-layer EVOH composite barrier film, capping Alox (Siox), composite barrier film. Such materials can maximize the control of the intrusion of oxygen and prevent the food due to oxidation caused by the decrease in quality. Because of this, the cup canned fruit can reach 12-month shelf life without refrigeration in cases that do not add any preservatives.
Cup canned fruit also has a very high demand in the production process, using a dedicated high-temperature cup canned fruit sealing machine, two heat sealing, can be equipped with automatic filling equipment, and filled with nitrogen prior to heat sealing, discharge residual air inside the cup to ensure the freshness of the cup interior products within the warranty period. Our series cup canned fruit sealing machine packaging materials is the use of high-tech and advanced production technology, the traditional canned a qualitative leap, so that consumers convenience food they enjoy healthy, delicious natural. Cup sealing machine packaging production of canned fruit, canned fruit: orange, peach, pear, pineapple, assorted jelly, assorted canned, citrus, peach, pineapple, mushrooms, asparagus and other canned products. This innovative packaging both avoid the drawbacks of traditional glass packaging fragile, heavy, inferior to stand-up pouch packaging more easy to transport. Packaging to improve product image, product Lid with teaspoon convenient consumer consumption. The plastic cup canned market prospects: With the application of EVOH high barrier materials, our country into the 21st century, plastic cups fitted canned fruit production and export volume increased year after year, the country more than canned enterprise has been brewing for added plastic cup canned fruit production line in order to maintain the domestic and international market share. SGF-4C cup canned fruit vacuum nitrogen filling sealing machine is suitable for the production of a variety of products such as canned fruit, function: artificial fruit in the Filling syrup, date printing, UV eliminate bacteria, the photoelectric given pattern, automatic nitrogen filling, the two Road sealing, automatic core shear and waste film recycling. The machine adopts Japan's Omron programmable logic controller, touch screen human interface, Taiwan pneumatic control components and intelligent digital temperature control system, with high seal strength, good sealing, low failure rate, is the first choice of enterprise automation production products.
Special specifications of the machine can be customized according to customer requirements
    Technical parameters
Production capacity: 3000-4000 cups / hour
Filling volume: 50ml-150ml
Charge nitrogen gas: gas replacement rate of 95-98%
Air consumption: 0.8 m3/min
Power: 6 Kw
Power supply: ~ 380V / 50Hz
Dimensions: 4000mmX800mmX1650mm
Weight: about 1000kg   sample:


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